About us

We are graffiti-loving design-driven concrete-HEADS from berlin.

And we love it edgy, rough and massive.

And with it the »CanCrete«! After months of tinkering, experimenting, concreting, grinding, gluing, pouring, a spray can was created from 1.048 kg of pure concrete. A little work of art. Art object. Eine Sculpture. Or canvas for your art. Definitely a room beautifier.

All objects are 100% handmade and very lovingly and time-consuming made. And since such small art pieces have to be well packaged, the concrete cans come in a beautiful, secure gift box.

Some inspiration? Follow BETONAT on Instagram or use the hashtag #CanCreteArt.

»Style is the key
to all forms of rockin’.«

— Style Wars, 1983

Born out of a love of graffiti in all its forms and the colourful, anarchic madness of Berlin, the eye for the minimalist, raw aesthetics of concrete also sharpened over the years. But how was it possible to form a symbiosis from these supposed opposites? We deal with this every day.

— Max Schwarck | Founder